The Mental Health and Community Pharmacy Project is funded by the Australian
Government Department of Health as part of the Fifth Community
Pharmacy Agreement Research and Development Program managed by the
Pharmacy Guild of Australia.


Just a quick word about including Carers in the project.

Many Carers will drop off and pick up prescriptions for their loved ones. Carers often know some of the difficulties that Consumers may be having with their medications.

I have worked with Carers over the years and being a Carer myself, I know how difficult it can be at times. You see the struggles on a daily basis and are often powerless to do anything to help. Resources and opportunities don't just 'land in your lap' and many Carers manage alone for years without any support. Just knowing you are there and can help will be a relief. With this in mind, when a Carer picks up medication, take the opportunity to talk to them about the project and how it could benefit them and their loved one. Included in your pack and on your USB are resources that you can give the Carer - postcards and a flyer that will help explain the project and the benefits of being involved. Please encourage your staff to use these resources and hand them to Carers that visit the pharmacy. 

Another good resource for Carers is the fact sheet from the Mental Health Council of Australia - Checklist for Carers. This is a good basis for some of the questions they may want to ask their health professional and there is a particularly good section on the types of questions Carers ask about medications:

Remember to look at the Griffith Mental Health and Community Pharmacy Facebook page, which is great for resources, motivational sayings and online online support:

The Mental health Council of Australia includes information on Consumer and Carer participation, Mental Illness and the disability support pension, Mental health reform, improving mental health services and regular updates about the sector:

On this website under Resources/ Factsheets, look for Checklist for Consumers and Carers, particularly the section about medication. This could help with answers to common questions consumers and carers ask about medication.

On the topic of medications don't forget the really easy-to-use CMI's from Choice and Medication.

GROW Qld website has information about GROW and information about group meetings and venues.

Please contact Peter or me if there is anything we can help you with, including extra resources or the contact details of a particular service or type of service for your consumers and carers.



Hilary Barrows   0407 050 061

Peter Davis        0432 472 126


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