The Mental Health and Community Pharmacy Project is funded by the Australian
Government Department of Health as part of the Fifth Community
Pharmacy Agreement Research and Development Program managed by the
Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

Project Research Team

Professor Amanda Wheeler

Amanda is a Professor of Mental Health at Griffith University. Prior to that she was the Director of the Clinical Research & Resource Centre, a centre committed to health services research and training in mental health and addictions in New Zealand. Amanda has post-graduate qualifications in the fields of psychopharmacology and public health and has worked clinically and in research in mental health and addictions for many years. She has a strong focus in education and training of new researchers and practitioners.

Dr Laetitia Hattingh

Dr Laetitia Hattingh was appointed to Curtin University in February 2012 following her position as an academic at Griffith University for eight years. Laetitia specialises in pharmacy practice research and teaching with a special interest in quality use of medicines. Before joining academia she worked in various health care settings including hospital and community pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical governance, and was the HMR Facilitator for the Gold Coast and Tweed Valley Divisions of General Practice. She has a broad range of experience with regard to the pharmacy profession and medication management. She is an accredited pharmacists and a member of the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy National Advisory Group. Laetitia will also be a Mentor for pharmacies in Western Australia.

Dr Jane Fowler

Jane is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Human Services and Social Work at Griffith University, convening a professional stream responsible for Interpersonal Skills, Group Facilitation, and Counselling. She is an organisational psychologist with more than 15 years research and practice experience. Jane has designed, conducted and evaluated several mentoring programs for large organisations including WorkCover Queensland and the FBI in West Virginia. Jane will coordinate the mentoring team as part of the final stage of the project.

Dr Fiona Kelly

Fiona’s research expertise encompasses promoting optimal service provision in community pharmacies through qualitative exploration of the views of consumers and pharmacy staff and implementation of innovative behaviour change strategies. Her work in the area of behaviour change in the pharmacy setting has included provision and evaluation of varied forms of training practice support to pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. Fiona’s more recent research conducted in New Zealand has focused on exploring consumer views and experiences in the use of non-prescription medicines using interviews and survey methods. Fiona will also be a Mentor for pharmacies in Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland.

Professor Andrew Davey

Andrew is Professor and Head of the School of Pharmacy at Griffith University. Andrew has a research background in pharmacology and pharmacokinetics as well as a strong interest in education and training. Prior to undertaking an academic career, Andrew worked within community pharmacy in New Zealand and the UK. He has since obtained post-graduate qualifications in tertiary teaching, led the design of several degree programs, and built academic research groups as well as managing numerous industry-sponsored research projects. 

Mr Brad McConnachie

Brad’s interest is in social policy with an emphasis on improving services in the area of Mental Health. Brad has experience working in the area of policy, management, research and research evaluation and has worked within the Queensland Government, several Australian Universities and the Research and Development Department of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. Brad hopes to use his current knowledge and abilities to continue to work in an environment that helps people in the community through providing effective services based on quality research and evaluation findings.

Dr Kathy Knox

Kathy is Senior Research Assistant on the project. She is an early career research psychologist with 8 years teaching and research experience. Interests include the development of cognition in children and research that improves human safety and well-being. 

Ms Amary Mey

Amary is Associate Lecturer in the School of Pharmacy, Griffith University, and has practiced as a community pharmacist for 16 years (New Zealand and Australia). Her research interests include improving patient outcome through improving community pharmacy practices, and community pharmacists’ roles in the preceptorship of pharmacy students. Amary is currently working on her PhD in the area of mental health and community pharmacy.



Ms Helena Roennfeldt - Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland

Helena works as a consultant with Enlightened Consultants and as a teacher at Southbank Institute of Technology and has worked within the mental health sector for over 15 years. Helena has worked as a consumer educator at Griffith University and is currently a consumer mentor with the Mental Health Project. Helena’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Psychological Science, Masters of Mental Health Practice, Masters of Suicidology and Graduate Certificate of Forensic Mental Health. Helena is passionate about reducing mental health stigma and improving opportunities for mental health recovery. Her wish is to combine her experience and knowledge to address these areas and provide opportunities for change. Helena will be working with Dr Fiona Kelly in the Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland area.

Ms Vivien Kemp - Western Australia

In 1996 I experienced my first episode of mental illness following some extremely distressing life events. A major part of my recovery journey was to resume my education by returning to University and earning a BA (with Honours in Psychology). I have since learned many wellness strategies that I employ on a daily basis to maintain my mental wellbeing. I have been involved in work which promotes the physical health of people who live with mental illness, peer support and consumer involvement in mental health service delivery for a number of years. I have the firm conviction that people with mental illness can and do recover to lead meaningful and productive lives when they are given appropriate support, opportunities and encouragement. Vivien will be working with Dr Laetitia Hattingh in Western Australia.

Mr Peter Davis - Queensland Mentor

Community Pharmacist, Peter Davis, has been a practicing pharmacist on the Sunshine Coast, for 25 years. Peter has a lived experience of Bipolar Disorder and consequently a passion for mental health. He displays a special interest in all Mental Health consumers at his place of work. Almost two years ago, Peter initiated the Sunshine Coast Bipolar Support Group. He has successfully facilitated the group and watched the membership grow substantially throughout that time. He has a particular interest in mentoring for the Griffith University Mental Health Project, as he sees the need for improved medication support services between mental health consumers and pharmacy, knowing from firsthand experience, how much, health outcomes are improved. Peter will be working with Hilary to mentor pharmacies in North Brisbane and North Queensland.



Ms Hilary Barrows - Carer Consultant and Queensland Mentor

Hilary has a wealth of experience working as an advocate for mental health carers as well as over 40 years of personal caring experience within her family.  Her involvement in mental health has led her to work in both the public and NGO sector in England, Victoria and QLD. Hilary currently works with Queensland Health as a Carer Consultant and holds an Adjunct Research Fellowship with Griffith University. She is a representative with the Mental Health Council Australia and actively involved with many networks and forums including the COPMI Lived Experience. I have been delighted to be involved with the Mental Health Project Reference Group from the beginning as a carer representative and it is encouraging to see opportunities for people with a lived experience of mental illness and mental health carers to be involved in the research design, delivery and evaluation of such projects. Hilary is a Mentor with Peter in North Brisbane and Northern Queensland.

Mr Andrew Blythe - Consumer Consultant and Media Advisor

Andrew has a Masters in Writing, Editing and Publishing, and is a writer and editor with over fifteen years experience. He also works as a consumer consultant with Metro South Mental Health and Addiction Services, and holds an Adjunct Research Fellowship with Griffith University’s School ofHuman Services and Social Work. He provides both media support and a consumer perspective to the project. His research interests include the value of individual illness narratives, the boundaries of fiction and non-fiction, and the place of subjective experience and expression within dominant, objective scientific discourses.